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  • n. Plural form of philosophist.


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  • England, would join the whole power of the nation in one unanimous effort, languishes among the philosophists and prognosticators of

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 53, No. 327, January, 1843

  • The religious scepticism or indifference of Franklin, which his present biographers justly lament, was, however, in his own day, a recommendation and a merit with the French philosophists.

    The International Monthly Magazine - Volume V - No II

  • The contributions of various philosophists are appraised.

    The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920

  • If this were not the "Simple Life" latter-day philosophists exploit as a branch of the New Thought Movement, it will never be lived on this low earth.

    Marion Harland's autobiography : the story of a long life,

  • "God is punishing the manifold sins of this nation by delivering it over to projectors and philosophists," said a New England clergyman.

    The United States of America, Part 1

  • Many are the theories among fresh-water philosophists respecting these currents, but in practical sailing, where the subject is met with in its tangible form, one cause only is recognized; namely, the action of the wind on the surface of the water, pushing the waves along.

    Voyage of the Liberdade

  • The philosophists -- the nobodies whom we admitted into our salons -- had no more gratitude or sense of decency than to make an inventory of our hearts, to traduce us one and all, and to rail against the age by way of a return for our kindness.

    The Duchesse De Langeais

  • -- True and false; the philosophers and the philosophists; some of the former so full, that it would require, as the rabbis say of a certain pedigree in the Book of Chronicles, four hundred camel loads of commentaries to expound the difficulties in their text; others so empty, that nothing can approximate so nearly to the notion of an infinitesimal quantity as their meaning.

    Sir Thomas More, or, Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society

  • A second illustration: -- Did Curio, the 'quondam' patriot, reformer, and semi-revolutionist, abjure his opinion, and yell the foremost in the hunt of persecution against his old friends and fellow-philosophists, with a cold clear predetermination, formed at one moment, of making

    Literary Remains, Volume 1

  • The Discovery Institute was the prime source of information for a group of school board members in Dover, Pa., who, like the seven Young Earth philosophists on the Texas SBOE, wanted to put forth their version of natural history.

    Evolution News & Views


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