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  • v. Present participle of philosophize.


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  • And Robert was completely serious too, though I'm sure he meant "philosophized".

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • June 1819; 'the thought never leaves me for a single moment; everything on earth has lost its interest for me,' This time her imperturbable father 'philosophized' in vain.

    Proserpine and Midas

  • I sat at our usual table, the one where we philosophized about relationships, gender differences, our coworkers, managers, and everything else that came up during our lunch breaks.

    Perception. «

  • Most of the time they picnicked at our garden table, read their tabloid newspapers and philosophized.

    More Chaos « Tales from the Reading Room

  • People philosophized and worried about telegraphs and telephones in very much the same way that people now philosophize and worry about the Internet.

    World Wide Mind

  • They philosophized, if you will pardon my misuse of the word, about the heart as the seat of the emotions, while the scientists were formulating the circulation of the blood.

    Chapter 1: My Eagle

  • “And he has never philosophized on life,” I added.

    Chapter 10

  • While they philosophized about it he was living it, placing the strong hand of his race firmly on the shoulders of the lesser breeds that laboured on Berande or menaced it from afar.

    Chapter 15

  • Ah Cho philosophized and speculated about life and death.


  • What Rinpoche describes is reminiscent of what author Milan Kundera philosophized about in his book Slowness, a slender volume I ironically sped through in a night.

    Karen Salmansohn: Want to Relax? Unplug and Recharge!


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