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  • v. To engage in phishing.
  • n. An instance of a phishing attack.


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Back-formation from phishing.


  • Details captured in this manner were traded with other people and were referred to as "phish". - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The little Goodmail flag on messages in user inboxes tells mail recipients that the mail is actually from who it purports to be from, and not a phish, which is particularly important for mail from financial institutions and the like. —

    Goodmail Is Back Trying to Sell Access to Your In-Box - Bits Blog -

  • Out of curiosity, I did call the phish's toll-free number using my office phone and got an automated message that simply said, "Thanks for calling" and then disconnected.

    Beware of 'phishy' text messages on your cell phone

  • My account may have been compromised through a process called phish-spam-phish, which

    WBAY Action 2 News

  • The account may have been hit through a process called phish-spam-phish, where a hacker will phish for usernames and passwords, then send out spam through those people's accounts, then use links to phish for more.

    Top Tech News

  • Last week, PandaLabs threat researcher Sean-Paul Correll logged on to his Twitter profile page and noticed "phish" was one of the Top 10 "trending topics" being Tweeted about by Twitterers.

    Twitter used to spread scareware

  • And then like how it happens sometimes, the paper got pushed inside a drawer and neither of us wrote about that brilliant meal that proved that Bengali food is not all 'phish' We had started with an amazing hyacinth beans patties steamed in banana leaves with tomato-khajurer chatni.

    Cabbage curry with Bengali spices

  • Identity thieves "phish" for personal information, like account numbers and PINs, which they use to sink your good credit (while sucking every penny out of your bank account).

    Click Fraud Threatens Web

  • I realised this was an attempt to "phish" away my money.

    nst online

  • These changes could well be exploited in much the same way that email and the internet can be used to "phish" for personal information such as bank details.

    New Scientist - Online News


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