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  • adj. Containing phlogiston.


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  • In the course of his researches, Priestley found that the quantity of common air which can thus become "phlogisticated," amounts to about one-fifth the volume of the whole quantity submitted to experiment.

    Science & Education

  • On the other hand, Priestley found that air "phlogisticated" by combustion or respiration could be "dephlogisticated," or have the properties of pure common air restored to it, by the action of green plants in sunshine.

    Science & Education

  • Hence it appeared that common air consists, to the extent of four-fifths of its volume, of air which is already "phlogisticated"; while the other fifth is free from phlogiston, or "dephlogisticated."

    Science & Education

  • In addition, work by people like Darwin and Newton were discussed in correspondence between scientists of the day I remember a tale of Priestly writing a letter to Benjamin Franklin after his discovery of “de-phlogisticated air”, later to be named oxygen The amount of scientific work being done today is exponentially larger, and in specialized areas.

    The Discovery Institute and publications - The Panda's Thumb

  • It is not improbable, likewise, that a phlogisticated alkali might be prepared better suited to this object than the common; as by rendering it as free as possible from iron, diluting it to a certain degree, or substituting the volatile alkali for the fixed.

    Forty Centuries of Ink

  • I was led, however, to suspect, that the more modern; for in general the tinge of colour, produced by the phlogisticated alkali in the acid laid upon them, seemed less deep; which, however, might depend in part upon the length of time they have been kept: and perhaps more gum was used in them, or possible they were washed over with some kind of varnish, though not such as gave gloss.

    Forty Centuries of Ink

  • On this none of the above-mentioned re-agents produced any considerable effect; most of them seemed to make the letters blacker, probably by cleaning the surface; and the acids, after having been rubbed strongly on the letters, did not strike any deeper tinge with the phlogisticated alkali.

    Forty Centuries of Ink

  • On all of these I made experiments with the chemical re-agents which appeared to me best adapted to the purpose, namely, alkalis both simple and phlogisticated, the mineral acids, and infusions of galls.

    Forty Centuries of Ink

  • Such expressions as "dephlogisticated" and "phlogisticated" would obviously have little meaning to a generation who were no longer to believe in the existence of phlogiston.

    A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume IV: Modern Development of the Chemical and Biological Sciences

  • It is an essential part of the antiphlogistic theory, that in all the cases of what I have called _phlogistication_ of _air_, there is simply an absorption of the dephlogisticated air, or, as the advocates of that theory term it, the oxygen contained in it, leaving the _phlogisticated_ part, which they call _azote_, as it originally existed in the atmosphere.

    Priestley in America 1794-1804


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