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  • n. Plural form of phoebe.


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  • A recent report on nesting behaviour in phoebes (Sayornis) showed that they started sleeping on the nest some time before egg-laying started – pretty unexpected given that most other passerines only start spending the night on the nest the night before they begin laying.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • NestWatch participants can monitor the nests of backyard birds that don't use nest boxes, such as phoebes, robins and goldfinches. News Updates

  • We seined bugs from the stream, learned how trout are made of trees, and talked about caves and springs; all the while we listened to the phoebes calling loudly from the banks of the North Fork.

    Taking Kids Fishing

  • Eyes sittin here at muh desk, listenin to Tom and Ray the Car Guys, luking out the winder and I have seen so far dis mawning three wild turkeys, one red fawx, hordes of chipmawnks, many skwirls, uncountable boids of all sorts, and now I have a pair of phoebes building a nest above muh offis winder.

    lolcat twin powers - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Robert Frost used it as a Shakesperian pun, in The Need of Being Versed in Country Things, a poem about how the phoebes will not understand human sexuality.

    Congratulations to Jane Fonda!

  • They heard name-saying birds such as whippoorwills and phoebes.


  • A tip of the old helmet to phoebes, who has some very cool stuff on her website.

    The most splendiferous of sockpuppets

  • Made a little more pleasant by the constant chatter of Say's phoebes, kingbirds and mourning doves, and the rumble of the trains.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Young phoebes sometimes become entangled in the horsehairs which are used in the lining of their nest.

    The Log of the Sun A Chronicle of Nature's Year

  • The sunset gleam of the water through the darkening trees, the soft plaintive call of the phoebes from the woods, the sleepy drone of Bossy's bell from the pasture, and the scents of the garden made up the atmosphere of home.

    The End of the Rainbow


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