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  • adj. Without a telephone.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

phone +‎ -less


  • That can be read as another page taken from the Apple playbook, given that Apple's iPod touch has long been considered a phoneless iPhone.

    CES 2011: Samsung debuts Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab and pocketable Galaxy Player

  • There are an Australian firm that offers medical services in scary places; a Middle Eastern satellite-communications company whose gear works in the phoneless hinterlands; and a war-zone car-repair service with outlets in Kabul, Baghdad and Monrovia.

    An Airline Magazine That Makes Travelers Want to Pull the Rip Cord

  • After years of trying to get into the PDA market, Apple finally scored a hit with this dumbed down phoneless iPhone.

    The Top 5 Things Apple Wishes We’d Forget About

  • But maybe a switch to the phoneless system would be a way to at least fix the phone problem you're having.

    Chirp - SpouseBUZZ

  • This was great – I forgot how to hard reset, so I had to just pull the battery and be phoneless for awhile.

    An iPhone in my not so distant future : #comments

  • They are also rolling out the iPod Touch, which is basically a phoneless iPhone.

    More Apple Products

  • But while people in phoneless homes may be taking out their smartphones at the dinner table, they won't be getting those annoying phone calls at dinner.

    Phoneless Homes

  • But while they would each have personal communications devices, her household of three adults was a microtrend that is quickly becoming a macrotrend -- a phoneless home.

    Phoneless Homes

  • But the flip side of phoneless homes is a more transparent, always-on lifestyle represented by the rise of cellphones.

    Phoneless Homes

  • But she can always phone home -- we're resisting becoming a phoneless home, at least for now, if only so she won't miss the reassurance of place, as I do.

    Phoneless Homes


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