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  • n. Plural form of phonetician.


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  • It is worth remembering that the chart is for teachers and learners, not for phoneticians.

    P is for Phonemic Chart « An A-Z of ELT

  • As well as linguists and phoneticians, groups who use it range from teachers of English as a foreign language, and engineers training speech recognition machines, to speech pathologists and actors who need to learn an accent.

    1,300 ways to say the same thing

  • As phoneticians, we need to learn more about the way in which we hear musical rhythm, and apply that knowledge to how we hear language.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • It is unfortunate that, these days phoneticians rely solely on experimental evidence and they ignore other perceptual evidence.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • It is perhaps no accident that many phoneticians through the years have also been proficient musicians.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • In fact many phoneticians these days do not know basic phonetic measures like Cardinal Vowels etc.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • Doubt has been cast on this classification, because the measurements taken by phoneticians using ever more sophisticated machines have shown that neither syllables nor stresses are truly isochronous.

    Linguistic Rhythm | Linguism

  • Some phoneticians say this is due to the "aspirated" nature of /s/.

    Cool stuff about Etruscan phonotactics

  • No wonder, then, that many phoneticians have given up on the attempt to reduce phonological types to acoustic/articulatory types.

    Types and Tokens

  • MES occasionally uses a new voice quality which I haven't heard from him before - a kind of growl, what we phoneticians call ventricular voice.

    FallNews - Unreadable.....


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