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  • adj. Capable of being phosphorylated


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  • Indicated serine/threonine-to-alanine non-phosphorylatable raptor mutants were expressed in HEK293T cells treated with taxol as in

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  • Cells expressing non-phosphorylatable alleles of raptor continued to progress through mitosis unabated unlike those expressing wild-type raptor, and ultimately displayed increased rates of apoptosis.

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  • Importantly, our data suggests there may be additional cdc2 sites beyond Ser696, Thr706, and Ser711 in raptor and until these sites are fully identified, the phenotype of a fully cdc2 non-phosphorylatable raptor remains unknown.

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  • Figure 1. (b, c) Wild-type or non-phosphorylatable raptor alleles were immunoprecipitated from nocadazol treated HEK293T cells and then immunoblotted with indicated site-specific phospho-raptor antibodies.

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  • For example, phosphorylation of Nrf2 by different kinases was reported to play a role in controlling Nrf2 activities although mutagenesis studies have not identified the functional importance of any phosphorylatable residues

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  • To define the mechanisms for the autoactivation of primed Cds1 and the regulation of this process, we carried out genetic and biochemical studies to identify phosphorylatable residues required for checkpoint activation.

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  • In addition, D1-K269R is resistant to genotoxic stress-induced degradation, similar to non-phosphorylatable D1-T286A, supporting the critical role for the post-translational regulation of cyclin D1 in response to DNA-damaging agents.

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  • We established that mutations of T426 alter the KaiC phosphorylation profiles in vivo and that residue 426 needs to be phosphorylatable and not simply capable of forming a H-bond to pS431

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  • In marked contrast, mutation of Ser-164, Thr-205, or Ser-210 to a non-phosphorylatable residue was found to clearly impair checkpoint recovery, as judged by a significant decrease in cumulative mitotic entry at 24 h after irradiation (

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  • WT), or Tsc1 variants where Ser533 was mutated to non-phosphorylatable alanine

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