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  • n. Alternative spelling of photoionisation.


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  • Part of the difficulty is a process called photoionization, in which the high-energy photons conveying the x-rays strip away electrons from atoms within the accretion disk.

    Could a Black Hole Fit in Your Computer or In Your Pocket? | Universe Today

  • By measuring the energy lost from the photoionization, the researchers could measure total energy emitted from the implosion and use it to improve their understanding of the behavior of x-rays emitted by accretion disks.

    Could a Black Hole Fit in Your Computer or In Your Pocket? | Universe Today

  • Suppose you want to calculate some sort of rate constant for photoionization, that when multiplied by the density of atoms, will give you the rate of photo-ionizations per volume.

    Unsolicited Advice VIII: Make your integrals dimensionless

  • Products include disposable gas-detection tubes, single-gas personal monitors, multi-sensor chemical-detection monitors, photoionization detector (PID) monitors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), wireless gas-detection systems, and radiation monitoring networks for energy production and refining, industrial and environmental safety, and public and government first responder security sectors.

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  • RAE Systems 'wireless-enabled AreaRAE, multi-gas and radiation, detection systems that provide real-time remote monitoring and a photoionization detector (PID) for parts-per-million measurements, were used at these events as early warning systems for public-safety threats, such as a dirty bomb or the release of toxic chemicals.

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  • More information: Sansone, G., et al. (2010) Electron localization following attosecond molecular photoionization. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Molecular frame image restoration and partial wave analysis of photoionization dynamics of NO by time-energy mapping of photoelectron angular distribution.


  • MiniRAE Lite photoionization detector (PID) to detect cheating and to protect table tennis players from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with some adhesives used to affix rubber pads to racket or paddle blades.

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  • MiniRAE Lite is a photoionization detector (PID) that uses an extremely bright ultraviolet

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  • Our advanced products are based on state-of-the-art proprietary technology, and include a full range of portable, wireless and fixed instruments including photoionization (PID) detectors and gamma/neutron radiation. - Latest News


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