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  • n. Plural form of photomosaic.


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  • A full list of the special-purpose raster editors would be prohibitively long, but there are actively-developed tools for creating all sorts of raster-based images, such as photomosaics (e.g.,

    LXer Linux News

  • I highly doubt any of the other “under a dozen serious treasure hunters worldwide” would be as forthright with sharing the thousands of photographs, site maps, photomosaics, HD video, reports, etc. with the scientific community.

    Odyssey’s Never Ending Quest for Treasure

  • Judging by the short videos on the discovery website for Odysseys new media circus - Treasure Quest, OME appear to think that photomosaics are sufficient as far as achaeological methodology is concerned.

    A Victory in the War of Wrecks

  • Pics from Sierra Club members, Powershift attendees, Huffington Post readers, and others streamed in and we worked them into two photomosaics, which we will project during our testimony at today's hearing.

    Josh Dorner: Virtual Clean Car Show Proves That California Global Warming Standards Are Doable--Today

  • That has turned out to be a fairly common reaction to Silvers's creations, which he calls photomosaics.

    Out Of The Many Many, One

  • This method allows Silvers to use fewer photographs, a technique that also distinguishes photomosaics from mere pixelling -- what your television does with electronic dots to construct an image of Jerry Seinfeld.

    Out Of The Many Many, One

  • Since he developed the software and turned it into his master's thesis, Silvers has made about 50 photomosaics for himself, friends and a handful of famous people, including George Lucas, Al Gore and Penn Jillette.

    Out Of The Many Many, One

  • The photomosaics in the book are arresting and irresistible.

    Out Of The Many Many, One

  • The judge ruled that although artifact summaries and pictures are not confidential, "in the interest of protecting the site, other information including the preliminary site assessments, the site plans, the photographs of the sea bed and the photomosaics should remain confidential at this time."

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Charis Tsevis's photo-mosaic of Steve 'iCon icon' Jobs series of photomosaics of El Steverino composed solely from images of Apple icons, products, and logos.

    The Register


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