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  • n. Plural form of photoperiod.


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  • Many northern boreal species, for example, experienced arctic photoperiods earlier in the Holocene before they were displaced southward by climate cooling (section 7.2).

    Phenotypic responses of arctic species to changes in climate and ultraviolet-B radiation

  • In class we talk of light and hormones, photoperiods and abscisic acids, to explain how plants know.

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  • I propose that fall departure of hummingbirds is more closely linked to changes in the availability of natural sources of nectar than it is to either decreased photoperiods or air temperatures.

    BIRDS ETCETERA—Birds, Birding, Birders, and Birdwatching

  • Day-length - short day-lengths (photoperiods of around 12 hours) are reported to favour tuber formation, but the increased time for photosynthesis under the longer days of more temperate climates gives somewhat greater yields, though, as noted earlier, this is partially compensated for by the more rapid growth under the high temperatures of the tropics.

    Chapter 20

  • Wheat plants were grown for 14 days at 20°C under a long day (16 h) photoperiod, transferred to 4°C under identical photoperiods, and then sampled at regular intervals.

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  • Magel2-null mice under conditions of worsened (e.g. through exposure to constant darkness) or improved (e.g. by pharmacological reinforcement of the circadian period or more stringent photoperiods) circadian function may provide compelling evidence for additional examination and regulation of circadian rhythm in people with PWS.

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  • Study of non-parametric effects of light analyzes effects of light-pulses (or photoperiods) on phase of the freerunning rhythm.

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  • One interesting observation from the studies of entrainment by skeleton photoperiods is the bistability phenomenon.

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  • (N = 7) acclimated to winter-like or summer-like photoperiods.

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  • Acute effects altered photoperiods onset ovulation gonadotropin-treated immature rats



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