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  • n. The production of a molecular species (e.g. a radical or ion) by means of light


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  • My group designed and built part of the large magnetic spectrometer complex at SLAC and used it to do a series of pi - and K-meson photoproduction experiments.

    Burton Richter - Autobiography

  • My Ph.D. thesis was completed in 1956 on the photoproduction of pi-mesons from hydrogen, under the direction of Prof. L.S. Osborne.

    Burton Richter - Autobiography

  • Ethanol photoproduction from CO2 LIGHT 2 CO2 + 3 H2O → CH3CH2OH + 3 O2 CO2 fixation Ethanol photosynthesis CO2 Calvin cycle 3-PGA PYRUVATE ACETALDEHYDE ETHANOL PDC ADH

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  • It enabled me to do the first experiments on the photoproduction of pions (with A.S. Bishop) to establish the existence of neutral pions (with W.K.H. Panofsky and J. Stellar) as well as to measure the pion mean life (with O. Chamberlain,

    Jack Steinberger - Autobiography


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