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  • adj. that participates in a photoreaction


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  • At the same time, the photoreactive skin of the aircraft flickered briefly and then fully engaged, rendering the Shroud almost invisible to the naked eye.

    The Overload Protocol

  • Custom options for lenses include an antireflective coating to cut glare, enhanced thinness for light weight and good looks, and photoreactive tinting that gets darker in bright light.

    How To Buy & Sell just about Everything

  • Composed out of polygonal, photoreactive segments which respond to ultra-violet light,


  • A bifunctional photoreactive analogue of DT-2 was found to generate dimers of PKG.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • The photoreactive bacterial noble rot (more noble than that of Sauternes even) on the surface of these blue berries being activated thru exposure to a one time per year manifestation of extremely limited edition light from the Harvest Moon.

    The Full Feed from

  • Ex Machina Deus: This is exactly the type of thing that everyone thinks is great and is going to help everyone, and next thing you know, we find out that after you eat these tomatoes, the pigment goes into your skin, which causes it to become photoreactive.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • Composed out of polygonal, photoreactive segments which respond to ultra-violet light, OR’s captivating powers lie in its capacity to correspond its appearance to changes in weather and daylight.

    Adele Chong | Inhabitat

  • Specifically, 29 Howeverr it has also been polarity fields and by the magnetic level is changed to reveal the next man must go through the energy found that a photoreactive enzyme mapping of inner-solar magnetic electron orbital level of the Univer - grid controlling cell division on his plus one photon of visible light lines rotating faster than the sur - sal Mind. biological level of organization, a breaks this bulge and allows for the face of the sun.

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