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  • n. Plural form of photoreceptor.


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  • In vertebrates, underneath the photoreceptors is a layer of pigment and pigment cells called the choroid the squid, cuttlefish and octopus have similar arrangements - more on this later, this layer of pigment absorbs stray light that is not caught by the photoreceptors, which might reflect back and fuzz up the image.

    Denton vs Squid; the eye as suboptimal design. - The Panda's Thumb

  • Housed within the deepest section of the photoreceptors is a pancake-like stack of discs containing light-absorbing pigment specific for one of the three color/photon energy ranges.


  • The main problem is that light-sensing cells in the macula, called photoreceptors, slowly break down. - News

  • And then there's a system of light-sensitive proteins called photoreceptors that use light as information and direct plant development and growth. - latest science and technology news stories

  • 'There are about 150 million light-sensitive cells - known as photoreceptors - in each eye.

    India eNews

  • "photoreceptors", which are lost at a rate of several hundred every day. News Feed

  • Prof. MURTHY: Your photoreceptors are degenerated by your eye is perfectly fine otherwise - these people are blind.

    Sensory Deception: Lab Mice Can 'Smell' Light

  • These cone photoreceptors are sensitive to different portions of the visible spectrum.

    Drunk On Color

  • Our nervous system, on the other hand, derives color by comparing the responses to light from the [three] types of cone photoreceptors in the eye [as opposed to rods, which distinguish only dark and light].

    Drunk On Color

  • To clarify: the macula is the name of the small area on the retina that contains the greatest concentration of our photoreceptors, "macular" is the adjective.

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