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  • n. A photodetector


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  • A photosensor is provided that can automatically turn off the display in bright daylight or incandescent light.

    Boing Boing

  • So if you measure the brightness of a wall in this room with a very fast photosensor, and feed the result in another monitor that receives the exact same synchronization signals for steering its electron beam, you get to see an image like this (after using a mathematical signal processing technique -- ed.)

    Boing Boing: November 28, 2004 - December 4, 2004 Archives

  • Computer scientist Markus Kuhn demonstrated a way to read CRT computer monitors at a distance using a photosensor, even if you're not facing the screen.

    Boing Boing: November 28, 2004 - December 4, 2004 Archives

  • The first one that caught my eye was the company's Super CCD SR, which placed a big photosensor and a smaller photosensor at each pixel site.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • If the read-out amplifier is in the upper right-hand corner of a 1000 x 1000 sensor CCD, the charge from the photosensor nearest to that corner will have to be shifted only once upward into the serial shift register


  • In the CID and CMOS detectors, each individual photosensor has an amplifier associated with it and the combined signal from a row of amplifiers is output in parallel.


  • In each of these detectors, a silicon diode photosensor (often denoted a pixel) is coupled to a charge storage region that is, in turn, connected to an amplifier that reads out the quantity of accumulated charge.


  • Photons captured by the photosensor alter its electrical resistance at their site of impact, and the current of the scanning beam flows more readily through these sites generating a signal.


  • It had a photosensor looking at the post, which was printed with this pattern:

    Planet Perl

  • In the bed of the table is a capacitive sensor able to tell if your hand is near the table, as well as a simple photosensor to tell if there is a document on the table.

    Brad Ideas - Comments


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