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  • To use coaxing or wheedling language; cajole; palaver.


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  • In similar nature to that phraise 'let's claim back the night' concerning street crime, let us as ladies, no matter our age, situation, nationality, denomination, claim the right to be modest and uphold beautiful womanhood - a type of womanhood that's kind to all ages, all shapes and sizes.

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  • The news media has made almost a half of a billion dollars in this compain season. alone "compain reform" It is no wounder we are descussing 18 cent gas cut per gallon. "let them eat cake" I am a OBAMA supporter but think it is time the American public get the goverment it wants, "dumbing down of America" I use these catch phraise because they apply to our place in time now.

    Obama camp out with new gas tax ad, Clinton camp fires back

  • To be honest, I have never had this guy called Mark pass any positive comment about Bafana Bafana, Mark you cannot eliminate without substitution, you could have suggested a way forward rather that shop and not plant, The last phraise at the end that says Gleeson is a respectable commentator blah blah blah is very questionable, this guy is trying to achieve something that has already failed. phambile Bafana Phambili

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  • Est modus, &c., as well as Wil Lilly just in the less hack - neyed phraise of his more hackneyed grammar, Medium est virtus quod temdsse, &c.


  • (Aside: Note how I didn't use the oft-over used phraise "iPhone Killer."

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