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  • n. Same as phratry.


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  • The phratria was a division of the tribe and consisted of thirty families.

    The Birds

  • The holy experience in play implies devotion and the experience of the values of the phratria the “brotherhood” amongst the participiants of the game.

    Game as Cultural Form, Play as Disposition

  • And near to them let the living members of the phratria be inscribed, and when they depart life let them be erased.


  • Let every phratria have inscribed on a whited wall the names of the successive archons by whom the years are reckoned.


  • [371] The poet attributes to the gods the same customs as those which governed Athens, and according to which no child was looked upon as legitimate unless his father had entered him on the registers of his phratria.

    The Eleven Comedies, Volume 2

  • It would take too long to tell you that the father of Nicomachus was a public slave, and what sort of a life this man led when a young man, and what age he was when he was enrolled in his phratria; but while he was copyist of the laws, who does not know how he injured the state?

    The Orations of Lysias

  • The pagan in Macarius Magnes (III. xvii.) also calls Christians hē tōn pistōn phratria.

    The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries

  • His introduction and admission to a phratria and deme, as a descendant of an old family, so far removed the stigma of his birth as to give him the title of citizen, and thus afforded him the qualification for holding land.

    On The Structure of Greek Tribal Society: An Essay

  • This done, and no one questioning his rights, the assembly proceeded to vote (83) and if the vote was in his favour, then and not till then he was enrolled in the common register (εἰς τὸ κοινὸν γραμματεῖον) of the phratria in the name of son of his adopted father.

    On The Structure of Greek Tribal Society: An Essay

  • If there were legitimate children, the inheritance to the land could not be diverted from them, even by will; (333) provided only that the children had gone through the ceremony of being accepted and enrolled by the phratria.

    On The Structure of Greek Tribal Society: An Essay


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