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  • n. The cracking or exploring of a telephone system, e.g. trying to get free calls or to discover special service numbers or other internal technical information.
  • v. Present participle of phreak.


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Orthographic blend of phone and freak.


  • The art of cracking into the phone company to make free calls or just for the challenge of it is known as phreaking.

    The Blue Nowhere

  • He and two others founded International Subversives magazine, offering tips on "phreaking" - how to break into telephone systems illegally and make free calls.

    The Guardian World News

  • Hackers made headlines for breaking into phone company systems more than 20 years ago -- a practice that was known as phreaking -- but as the traditional telephone system has become integrated with the Internet, it's creating new opportunities for fraud that are only just beginning to be understood.


  • A Web site operated by the Muslim Hackers Club offers tutorials in cybermischief: viruses, hacking strategems, network "phreaking" and secret codes.

    Computer Lessons For Terrorists

  • Wozniak writes about his obsession with finding "Cap'n Crunch," a renowned hacker and a maestro of phone "phreaking," or tapping into phone lines to make free calls and discover weaknesses in the system.

    Apple's Other Steve

  • "It covers war dialing, social engineering and even phone phreaking rather well," he says.

    Breaking Into the Big Screen

  • And phone phreaking is the manipulation of the telephone system for anything from making free calls to gaining access to computer networks.

    Breaking Into the Big Screen

  • "War Dialer," which references phone phreaking and early proto-hackery through a non-narrative, droning flow of sound and speech-babble, was originally created as an 8-channel audio-only installation in a bandstand on Brighton seafront as part of the Sonic Sea Air project, ten years ago.

    Boing Boing

  • It's been about a year since Joybubbles passed away, and I wanted to let you know my project to document the history of phone phreaking continues.

    Boing Boing

  • Here's an excerpt from Phil's phreaking history site:

    Boing Boing


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