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  • adj. Archaic form of frenzied.


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  • The passionate man, phrenzied with rage, we might believe to be animated with the soul of a lion.

    Consolation of Philosophy

  • No such circumstance appeared, but as her eyes glanced, with almost phrenzied eagerness, she perceived something shadowy in a remote corner of the floor; and on approaching, discovered what seemed a dreadful hieroglyphic, a mattrass of straw, in which she thought she beheld the death-bed of the miserable recluse; nay more, that the impression it still retained, was that which her form had left there.

    The Italian

  • Then would He start from the ground on which He had stretched himself, his brows running down with cold sweat, his eyes wild and phrenzied; and He only exchanged the terrible certainty for surmizes scarcely more supportable.

    The Monk

  • The phrenzied groan that diseased imagination extorts from his perverted soul, is as the thunder-clap that reverberates amid the cloud-capt summits of the

    Early Reviews of English Poets

  • To say it is finished, or fine, would be to talk nonsense; but it is plain, straightforward, common-scene acting, which very much surprised us, more especially from an author, still more from an Irish author; and more still from an author, who in private life is a perfect enthusiast, and a fine phrenzied-eye orator.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 19, No. 552, June 16, 1832

  • The advocates of abolition -- the phrenzied fanatics of the North, neither sleep nor slumber.

    The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918

  • "Barbarities too dreadful for utterance or contemplation, all that phrenzied passion or brutal ferocity could suggest, were perpetrated on the bodies of these noble and virtuous citizens; nor was it till night put an end to the butchery, that their friends were permitted to convey their mangled remains to a secret and obscure tomb."

    A Wanderer in Holland

  • But having hastily checked the outpourings of his resentment he secretly followed them, yet still breathing volumes of deprecations which rose in steaming vapor from his phrenzied brain.

    The Black-Sealed Letter Or, The Misfortunes of a Canadian Cockney.

  • But before morning had dawned upon the billows of the ocean all the poetic fancy that was flickering in his half-phrenzied brain was driven out by a serious attack of sea-sickness.

    The Black-Sealed Letter Or, The Misfortunes of a Canadian Cockney.

  • Antiquity (Réflexions sur l'Histoire, p. 211), may, with a violent seizure of ecstacy, fall, like a genuine Frenchman, into a fit of enthusiasm over the description, as "exquisite in delicacy and elegance" ( "tout y est décrit dans une délicatesse et dans une élégance exquise" says he), of the lascivious dancing of Messalina and her wanton crew of Terpsichorean revellers when counterfeiting the passions and actions of the phrenzied women-worshippers of

    Tacitus and Bracciolini The Annals Forged in the XVth Century


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