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  • n. A red phycobilin occurring especially in the cells of red algae.

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  • n. A red, light-harvesting protein found in cyanobacteria, red algae and cryptomonads

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  • n. A red coloring matter found in algæ of the subclass Florideæ.

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  • n. A red coloring matter to which the red seaweeds or Florideæ owe their peculiar coloring, which is present, in addition to chlorophyl, in the cells. It is soluble in water.

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  • n. red pigment in red algae


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From phyco- + erythro- + -in


  • So while brown stercobilin, red phycoerythrin, green phycoverdin, and blue phycocyanin all have similar structures with lots of alternating bonds, the differences in color aren't necessarily closely tied to any one part of their structure.

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  • To distinguish by flow cytometry B cell subsets that were in the BM parenchyma, or in sinusoids, we injected 1 µg of phycoerythrin

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  • HMDM purity was determined by staining with CD14 and CD68 antibodies conjugated to phycoerythrin (Invitrogen) and analysis by flow cytometry

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  • Multiplexes were developed using an excess of streptavidin-phycoerythrin solution which was thoroughly mixed into each multiplex and incubated for 1 hour at room temperature.

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  • Briefly, 1×106 MNCs were stained with 1 µg fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) - or phycoerythrin (PE) - conjugated monoclonal antibodies for 20 min at

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  • Some rhodophyta have very little phycoerythrin, so they may appear green or blue from chlorophyll and other pigments possessed by them.

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  • Palmariales - Pihiellales - Plocamiales - Rhodogorgonales - Rhodymeniales algae, have the pigment phycoerythrin, which reflects red light and absorbs blue light.

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  • They are pigmented with allophycocyanins, phycocyanin, and phycoerythrin that are located in phycobilisomes.

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  • The following antibodies were used: fluorescein-conjugated CD11c clone HL3 (BD Pharmingen, San Diego, CA); phycoerythrin

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  • Staining was then performed with phycoerythrin-streptavidin and signal amplification by a second staining with biotinylated anti-streptavadin and phycoerythrin-streptavidin.

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