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  • n. Plural form of phylarch.


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  • Indeed in that very year, on account of the excessive drought the pasture land of Persia was destroyed and about fifteen thousand Saracens with the phylarchs Chabus and Hezidus were driven across the border of Euphratesia by Alamundarus.

    De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History » Byzantine conquest of Italy in the sixth-century, according to the Chronicle of Marcellinus

  • Hence the kingdom of Ghassan in Syria whose phylarchs under the

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Next, as to hurling the javelin from horseback, the best way to secure as wide a practice of the art as possible, it strikes me, would be to issue an order to your phylarchs that it will be their duty to put themselves at the head of the marksmen of several tribes, and to ride out to the butts for practice.

    The Cavalry General

  • The notion that the hipparch is to ride at a slower pace than his phylarchs, and to handle his horse precisely in their style, seems to me below the dignity of the office.

    The Cavalry General

  • But if you would rouse the emulation of your phylarchs, if you would stir in each a personal ambition to appear at the head of his own squadron in all ways splendidly appointed, the best incentive will be your personal example.

    The Cavalry General

  • The scene would gain in beauty if the tribal squadrons were to ride in line of columns59 as if for battle, in two divisions, five squadrons in the one and five in the other, with the hipparch and the phylarchs at their head, in such formation as to allow the whole breadth of the racecourse to be filled.

    The Cavalry General

  • And so too, to ensure that splendour of accoutrement which the force requires,31 the greatest help may once again be looked for from the phylarchs; let these officers but be persuaded that from the public point of view the splendid appearance of their squadrons32 will confer a title to distinction far higher than that of any personal equipment.

    The Cavalry General

  • In view, however, of the task imposed upon that officer had he to carry out these various details single-handed, the state has chosen to associate9 with him certain coadjutors in the persons of the phylarchs (or tribal captains) ,10 and has besides imposed upon the senate a share in the superintendence of the cavalry.

    The Cavalry General

  • We take as our basis, then, the constitutional division of ten tribes. 40 Given these, the proper course, I say, is to appoint, with the concurrence of the several phylarchs, certain decadarchs (file-leaders) 41 to be selected from the men ripest of age and strength, most eager to achieve some deed of honour and to be known to fame.

    The Cavalry General

  • Let the body of cavalry choose phylarchs for the generals; but captains of light troops, or archers, or any other division of the army, shall be appointed by the generals for themselves.



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