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  • n. See phylogeny.

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  • n. Evolutionary development of a species.

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  • n. The history of genealogical development; the race history of an animal or vegetable type; the historic exolution of the phylon or tribe, in distinction from ontogeny, or the development of the individual organism, and from biogenesis, or life development generally.

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  • n. Same as phytogeny.
  • n. The doctrine of the generation of plants.

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  • n. (biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms


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phylo- + -genesis


  • Charlie, you totally reject the idea of phylogenesis, am I correct?

    Appearing next in Springfield? - The Panda's Thumb

  • The third version, unlike the more idealistic first and second vesions, intoroduces terms such as the unconscious, inhibition, and crisis, contains a crucial section on mesmerism, and is structured around the trauma of onto - and phylogenesis.

    Article Abstracts

  • Much like in E. Haeckel's quip 'Ontogenesis recapitulates phylogenesis'.

    Valerie Tarico: Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: Part 4 of 6

  • Best to leave that fancy stuff for later, and concentrate on more basic phylogenesis: it would be nice, for example, to be a vertebrate again.

    Obama echoes the phrase that made me turn against Kerry.

  • I was excited to meet him because I had read his dissertation on the phylogenesis of modern Megalonychidae, and I wanted to quiz him on certain . . . aspects of his research that I saw as questionable.

    I Met John Scalvi! « Whatever

  • One might expect that since current orthodoxy maintains that biological processes of ontogenesis proceed differently from the selectionist processes of phylogenesis, evolutionary epistemologies would reflect this difference.

    Evolutionary Epistemology

  • Nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of phylogenesis, like ontogenesis, being a front-loaded, self-limiting, self-terminating planned process where the environment plays little if any role outside of providing triggers to proceed to the next stage of diversification.

    Nobel Laureate: "Intelligent Design" is An Attack on All of Science - The Panda's Thumb

  • The phylogenesis of the human species covers a process of evolution in which the organs that produce and identify sounds and the brain which makes sense of those sounds develop over a long period of time which includes the birth of Mankind.

    Camilo José Cela - Nobel Lecture

  • Already in this first of his generalizations Haeckel implied through the use of the verb bedingen a causal rela - tionship between ontogenesis and phylogenesis.


  • Therefore, the supposition is justified that ontogenesis corresponds in psychology to phylogenesis.



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