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  • n. Obsolete form of physics.
  • n. Plural form of physick.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of physick.


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  • I no has problem wif maffs I wuz physicks major, is deh lack of experimental rigor that bothers me.

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  • Thousands of plants and herbs were utilized for medicines and physicks.

    History Of Oaxaca - Pre-hispanic Era

  • How dey fit what looks to be double teh amount of ratties allowd by teh laws of physicks into the sleeping space available will always be a mystery, though…

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  • Hit's a won'er you ain 'been de deaf er him' fo 'I got yer wid yo' sto 'physicks en yo' real doctahs es dunno one baby f'om anur when dey meet 'im in de street.

    The Voice of the People

  • I reckon, ef he'd got de colic you'd have kilt 'im terreckly, you en yo' sto 'physicks en yo' real doctahs!

    The Voice of the People

  • Men that meet to talk of physicks or metaphysicks, or law or history, may be immediately acquainted.

    Life Of Johnson

  • The ingredients of the prescriptions are vile beyond belief, though, as Mather said in one of his letters, they are "powerful and parable physicks," which are two desirable qualities or attributes of any physic.

    Customs and Fashions in Old New England

  • The antique tincture bottles on display along the top of one wall in Haber's evoke compounding's gilded age from a century ago, but the glass enclosure at the far end has nothing in common with that old-time physicks.

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  • Though the systems of physicks that I have met with, afford little encouragement to look for certainty or science in any treatise which shall pretend to give us a body of natural philosophy from the first principles of bodies in general, yet the incomparable Mr. Newton has shewn, how far mathematicks applied to some parts of nature may, upon principles that matter of fact justify, carry us in the knowledge of some, as I may so call them, particular provinces of the incomprehensible universe.

    Some Thoughts Concerning Education. Sections 191-200

  • In the Supplement to Dr. Cave's Historia Literaria, he is said to be extraordinary learned in physicks, metaphysicks, mathematicks, and astronomy; that his fame was so great when at Oxford, that 30,000 scholars came thither to hear his lectures: that when at Paris, his arguments and authority carried it for the immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin; so that they appointed a festival on that account, and would admit us scholars to degrees but such as were of this mind.



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