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  • n. Plural form of physiocrat.


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  • Industry and commerce, according to the physiocrats, were basically “sterile” and could not add to the wealth created by the land.

    Quesnay, François

  • Quesnay and other physiocrats greatly influenced the views of Adam Smith and the fields of biophysical and ecological economics in the 20th century.

    Quesnay, François

  • But it's not as if the entire discipline, with its roots in Adam Smith and the physiocrats and its tradition of rational inquiry, has been debunked; rather it was the predictive aspect of the field, with its all-seeing, all-knowing markets and its powerful grip on policymaking, that has taken the most knocks.

    Robert Teitelman: Michael Hirsh's "Capital Offense"

  • In fact he praised the French physiocrats, with whom the term laissez-faire originated.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Anti-Mankiw!

  • The physiocrats particularly highlighted the systematic relationships that exist between environment, land, food production, prices, rents, and other forms of economic development.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The physiocrats and the British political economists began to postulate causal connections between certain kinds of social facts—settlement, trade, extension of agriculture, and law—with certain kinds of outcomes—the creation of the wealth of nations.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The physiocrats never identified how the laws of physics applied to economic systems, but their insistence on treating individuals as sovereign entities, like atoms, in the tradition of key liberal social philosophers such as Hobbes and Locke who assumed that society is merely the sum of its individuals, has stayed with mainstream economics ever since.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • According to the physiocrats, real economic activity consisted of working the land.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • The belief that natural law determines social order has taken many forms since the physiocrats and inevitably generates controversy.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • The “physiocrats,” a group of French social philosophers writing in the mid 18th century, were the first school of economics.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2


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