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  • n. An abbreviation of physiological;
  • n. [lowercase or cap.] of physiology.


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  • Dr.rer. physiol. honoris causa, Univ. of Marburg, Germany.

    Arvid Carlsson - Curriculum Vitae

  • The intellec - tual leaven is furnished by the growth of physical science, but it casts its hopes far beyond — in physiol - ogy, in psychology and economics, in political theory, and in the reinterpretation of morality.


  • FUNK, C.: Studien ueber beri-beri Ztschr.f. physiol. chem.

    The Vitamine Manual

  • [261] _Arch.intern. physiol. _ (vol. xiii: pp. 107-14).

    All About Coffee

  • [276] _Arch. de physiol.norm. et path. _, 1868 (vol. i: p. 179).

    All About Coffee

  • A team of researchers at Penn Sate has used an animal model to reveal, for the first time, a physiol ...


  • Enough of my ranting (taking a cell physiol course at the moment, feeling rather sore about the obsession with macrophages and cancer cell signalling) ... have another Ochrophyte amoeba:

    Research Blogging - All Topics - English

  • A report on the haled smoke plume, using this simple oxygen mask use of an HPS to study complex respiratory physiol - (HS-3031; Hsiner) with an oxygen flow of 4 L/min, a ogy has been published previously. 10 -14 respiratory rate of 12 breaths/min, and a tidal volume There have been a few studies about the produc - of 0.5 L, was approximately 0.40 m (Fig 2).

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  • This demon - strates an ignorance of basic anatomy and physiol - In this chapter, the measurement of drug concen - ogy.

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