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  • n. Plural form of phytochorion.


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  • This is believed to provide a better reflection of original vegetation than the 950-m contour that Humbert and Cours Darne used to define their Western Domain phytochoria.

    Madagascar dry deciduous forests

  • The south Zambezian undifferentiated woodlands and scrub woodlands form the southeastern part of the ecoregion, and are transitional between the Zambezian Center of Endemism and phytochoria to the south.

    Zambezian and Mopane woodlands

  • The Eastern Cape of South Africa contains high plant species richness due to the presence of different phytochoria and species at the ends of their distribution ranges.

    Albany thickets

  • The diversity of taxa in the Eastern Cape is due, therefore, to combinations of species from different phytochoria meeting at the ends of their distribution ranges, and is not a result of speciation taking place in the area.

    Albany thickets

  • The Eastern Cape (defined broadly as the area south of 31 °S and between 24 °E and 29 °E) has long been recognized by botanists as being a complex transition zone where four major phytochoria converge.

    Albany thickets

  • Three further phytochoria border on the ecoregion: the Kalahari-Highveld regional transition zone and the Karoo-Namib regional center of endemism abut it in the more arid southwest, while the Afromontane archipelago-like regional center of endemism lies along its southeastern border at the highest elevations.

    Angolan scarp savanna and woodlands

  • Three of these phytochoria are represented within the ecoregion: the Guineo-Congolian and the Zambezian centers of endemism; and the Guineo-Congolia/Zambezia regional transition zone.

    Angolan scarp savanna and woodlands

  • The Guineo-Congolian Region and its relationships to other phytochoria.

    Atlantic Equatorial coastal forests

  • This is illustrated by the fact that the ecoregion lies at the convergence of all six of White’s phytochoria that are found in Angola.

    Angolan scarp savanna and woodlands

  • Within White’s classification, the ecoregion falls into two phytochoria: the Zambezian region and the Kalahari-Highveld Transition Zone.

    Kalahari Acacia-Baikiaea woodlands


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