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  • n. A minute particle formed of mineral matter by a living plant and fossilized in rock.

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  • n. A small particle of silica or mineral that occurs in many plants


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  • In other words, some plants aren't found in the pollen and phytolith profiles.

    Of Cereal and Civilization

  • I should say that as both flotation sieving and phytolith analysis have only been applied to archaeological study in mainland China after the 1990s, there might have been rice remains from sites excavated at early dates that were not detected.

    Of Cereal and Civilization

  • For example, in 2002 I collected soil samples from a cave in South China for pollen and phytolith analysis, then I invited a biologist to study the current vegetation in the vicinity of this cave, and I compared the results.

    Of Cereal and Civilization

  • The amount of silica that ends up in the phytolith depends on the nature of the soil it is grown in and how much water it is exposed to.

    The Goddess and the Bull

  • When wheat is grown in irrigated fields with clay-rich alluvial soils, the longer exposure to silica from standing water leads to extensive phytolith formation and large cell clusters.

    The Goddess and the Bull

  • Flotation recovers botanical remains such as seeds that would otherwise fall through the screen (see "Flotation 101") We also take soil samples and pollen/phytolith samples to be processed by specialized laboratories.

    Interactive Dig Mt. Vernon - The Archaeologists' Toolbox

  • We are also collecting pollen and phytolith samples, as well as water screening all soil.

    Interactive Dig Mt. Vernon - Ask an Archaeologist

  • Are you also conducting pollen and phytolith studies in conjunction with your flotation work?

    Interactive Dig Mt. Vernon - Ask an Archaeologist

  • We had devoted considerable time to understanding the change in lot shape and use, and we had done phytolith analysis area by area.

    Always a Handmaiden--Never a Bride


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