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  • n. The wooden box inclosing the mechanism of a pianoforte.


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  • Feeling his way in the darkness amid the bales and boxes, he reached a nook behind a piano-case he had previously noted, and settling down, prepared to await the appearance of the "spectre."

    The Young Railroaders Tales of Adventure and Ingenuity

  • The additional accumulations of years, nearly all foreign, and many of great rarity, had been stored in an old piano-case in his bedroom, where, as he said, in the event of fire they would be close at hand.

    Lippincott's Magazine Of Popular Literature And Science Old Series, Vol. 36—New Series, Vol. 10, July 1885

  • If I keep my hand on the piano-case, I detect tiny quavers, returns of melody, and the hush that follows.

    The World I Live In

  • The large square table was constructed of the boards removed from a piano-case which Gilly had at the barn.

    Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks

  • I believe he could persuade a man to hammer nails into his piano-case if he wanted it done, he's so insinuatingly lovely about it all.

    The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces

  • "Why only last week a piano-case full of opium was taken off a Chinese steamer."

    The Road to Mandalay A Tale of Burma

  • "Can't introduce a man who came across in a piano-case," he answered, with a laugh, which made me remember that this was a man of station and some standing in Paris, while I was but a vagabond and ne'er-do-well.


  • "Perhaps she was taken with the beautiful name on the piano-case, and couldn't help telegraphing just for the pleasure of writing it."

    A Pair of Patient Lovers

  • "Just look at this, Mrs. Maze," said Gaites when she drew near enough to read the address on the piano-case.

    A Pair of Patient Lovers

  • I'm not going to! "one voice answered to all, but apparently without a single reference to the event; for in the end the speaker gave her hand to the man in the wagon, and with many small laughs and squeaks was pulled up over the hub and tire of a front wheel, and then stood staying herself against the piano-case, with a final lamentation of" Oh, it's a shame!

    A Pair of Patient Lovers


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