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  • n. Plural form of pianola.


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  • That he liked Antheil's music with its brash collision of jazz, serial music and industrial sounds, replete with airplane propellers and a mixture of mechanical pianolas and "human-played" pianos, may have been due more to his friendship with the composer — or perhaps a gleeful delight at the riots it caused in concert halls across Europe.

    Portrait of the Artist as a Music Fan

  • Putting Antheil's experience with pianolas to good use, he and Lamarr proposed using piano rolls to rapidly switch between 88 different transmission frequencies, making frequency-jamming nearly impossible.

    Bang a gong

  • Are we to stand by and see our neighbors all about us awakening to the undoubted fact that they need telephones in their houses, and electric runabouts, and mechanical fans in hot weather, and pianolas, and new kinds of breakfast food, while we despair of awakening them to their needs of books -- quite as undoubted?

    A Librarian's Open Shelf

  • Familiarity, familiarity at home if possible, is the key to this understanding; and in this connexion there is, I believe, an enormous educational future before pianolas and gramophones, if only the preparation of their records can be taken in hand on artistic rather than narrowly commercial lines.

    Recent Developments in European Thought

  • We read in many a polar book of the depressions and trials of the long polar night; but thanks to gramophones, pianolas, variety of food, and some study of the needs both of mind and body, we suffered very little from the first year's months of darkness.

    The Worst Journey in the World Antarctic 1910-1913

  • Carp had a great charm for Lord Kingsmead; so had electricity; so had toads; so had buns, and stable-boys, and pianolas, and armour, and curates, and chocolates.

    The Halo

  • We can manufacture pianolas, we can make admirable imitations of the human fingers; we can endow the hammers with something of the living touch of the finger-tips, we can create a most elaborate and exquisite mechanism; but when we have finished our work we experience some nameless chill in the absence of mysterious life.

    The Epistles of St. Peter

  • The reason that preachers in this present generation are less successful in getting people to want goodness than business men are in getting them to want motorcars, hats, and pianolas, is that business men as a class are more close and desperate students of human nature, and have boned down harder to the art of touching the imaginations of the crowds.

    The Art of Public Speaking

  • What was the remote tinkling of a harp, compared to pianolas, and phonographs, and all the infernal contrivances of science for producing and perpetuating noise?

    Americans and Others

  • Between the automobiles and the pianolas were inserted some pages of personal puff, photographs of the coming contributors, and an account of their deeds, -- the menus prepared for the coming months.



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