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  • n. An obsolete form of pebble.


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  • To make up for the chilling news, here's yet another dog video of a pibble and mini schnau spooning.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The crazy pibble mix we've got for the weekend whined all night and woke us up at 7 a.m. with a barking contest to rival the dog next door.

    More Pibbles, More Twilight

  • This Pond was no deeper, then to reach the breast of a man, and having no mud or soyle in it, the bottome thereof shewed like small beaten gravell, with prety pibble stones intermixed, which some that had nothing else to do, would sit downe and count them as they lay, as very easily they might.

    The Decameron

  • If you would take the pains but to examine the wars of Pompey the Great, you shall find, I warrant you, that there is no tiddle-taddle nor pibble-pabble in Pompey’s camp; I warrant you, you shall find the ceremonies of the wars, and the cares of it, and the forms of it, and the sobriety of it, and the modesty of it, to be otherwise.

    Act IV. Scene I. The Life of King Henry the Fifth

  • I adopted my pibble as a twelve week old, malnourished, unhealthy, abused puppy from the local animal control shelter when I was in college.

    The Clog

  • I warrant you, that there is no tiddle taddle, or pibble pabble in

    King Henry the Fifth Arranged for Representation at the Princess's Theatre

  • Temporal aspects were not evaluated: Even if it could be demonstrated that the ownership of allegedly vicious dogs was truly correlated with criminal behavior or psychopathy (and it most definately was not) - did the psychopathic tendency lead to pibble ownership or does owning a pibble make you a psychopath? News

  • An’ when thee’st got thy face washed as clean as the smooth white pibble, an’ thy hair combed so nice, and thy eyes a-sparklin’ — what else is there as thy old mother should like to look at half so well?

    Adam Bede

  • 1919: I warrant you, that there is no tiddle tadle nor pibble ba-ble

    Henry V (1623 First Folio Edition)


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