from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Prepared in such a way as to be spicy.
  • adj. Having a sauce typically containing tomatoes, onions, peppers, and vinegar.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Spanish, present participle of picar, to bite, prick; see picaro.


  • Sure, the socratic method could lead to musings about how the photography shows a nugget being dipped into salsa picante, which is a Mexican food.


  • By the way, my husband's theory is that Mexicans put chile on everything because their tastebuds are ruined from so many years of such "picante" food that nothing tastes like anything to them without chile.

    Something I just can't get used to

  • Fortunately their cuisine and Tequila compensate for this if you can convince them to hold the "picante".

    07/02/2006 - 07/09/2006

  • In ven. we say something is "picante" (spicy hot) but I believe in MX it's "picoso."

    Mexican Idioms?

  • On "Ese huevo quiere sal," I am very familiar with this one as around 1990 when having a good time in Santo Domingo, D.R., it was one of my favorite Merengue song titles, by the group Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15, a very lively, funny band at the time, with all kinds of "picante" songs that were a blast to move to.

    Telenovela Dialogue

  • There is cold bottled water in back and movies and they give you a canned soft drink and ham sandwich upon boarding, open the sandwich before eating and remove the chile, if you don't like "picante" (ETN)

    Getting from Mexico City to chapala by bus

  • Taking that into account im sure you'll find what you are looking for especially if you just ask them directly "Me gustaria un mole picante" or something similar. another thing i would recommend is trying Agua de Xilacayote (not sure if its spelled right) pronounced Chi-Laa-Ca-Yoh-Te it's generally sweet because its made of a sweet pumpkin but very tastful.

    Oaxaca please.......hold the mole?

  • Especially when sprinkled with orégano, cebolla picada, cilantro, picante molido y tortillas de maíz calientitas.

    Menudo or Pozole?

  • Why do some presume that the ingestion of highly spiced (meaning picante) foods or foods with acidic content such as limes mitigate disruptions in the digestive process?

    Treating Food/Water Poisoning in Mexico, or Any Other Place

  • Un compañero de trabajo me esta diciendo que el puede conseguir quien les venda iguana, pero necesita saber sin pueden comer picante porque vende "Mole de iguana".

    Tapachula vs. Tuxtla


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