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  • v. Present participle of picaroon.


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  • On the authority of Mother Cockleshell -- who was not averse to earning a few shillings -- a kind of Gil Blas tale was put into print, and the wanderings of Ishmael Hearne were set forth in the picturesque style of a picarooning romance.

    Red Money

  • For these picarooning craft usually go as heavily manned, in proportion to their tonnage, as a man-of-war, and are generally able to make sail quite as smartly.

    A Middy of the King A Romance of the Old British Navy

  • It is a vast extravaganza of passion in action and picarooning farce and material splendour run mad.

    Views and Reviews Essays in appreciation

  • By a letter from my son, I hear that there are still some picarooning villains infesting those seas, but they generally attack smaller fry than the _Ouzel Galley_.

    The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley

  • "Judging by the reports, the enemy's ship is not a heavy one -- a brig or sloop at the most -- or she may be one of those picarooning craft often found cruising in these seas."

    The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley

  • "I sincerely hope that we shall not fall in with a Frenchman of any quality, either a man-of-war or one of the picarooning rascals you speak of," answered the stranger, in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

    The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley

  • "Besides the French, the Bahamas still swarm with picarooning rascals, who are ever on the look-out for merchant craft, and would not scruple to lay aboard any they fancy they can overcome."

    The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley

  • Captain Wallingford, by 'a brigand of a French piratical, picarooning, plundering vagabond, '"reading from what I dare say was another caption, prepared for the other side of the question;" a fresh instance of Gallic aggression, and republican, jacobinical insolence; atrocities that are of

    Miles Wallingford Sequel to "Afloat and Ashore"

  • He will not run his disorderly, picarooning company under the guns of a British man-of-war, because he owes a little reverence to the flag of his master!

    The Red Rover

  • Things had come to a pretty pass, as he observed, when a young lady couldn't take a walk by herself without the risk of being carried off by a party of filibustering squireens, quite as bad in their way as the picarooning rascals in the West Indies and on the Spanish Main, who had often in days of yore given him so much anxiety -- not that they ever had caught him, for he was too much on his guard, though he had been chased well-nigh a score of times; and he intended to be on his guard now, and, as he hoped, with the same success.

    The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley


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