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  • n. Plural form of piccaninny.


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  • With the women were stowed all the younger slaves, both girls and boys, and there were many children, poor little "piccaninnies," jet-black, and naked as when born.

    Ran Away to Sea

  • Mothers sat holding their "piccaninnies" in their sable embrace, murmuring expressions of endearment, or endeavouring to hush them to rest.

    The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West

  • Several of these last you may see rolling about in the dust among the "piccaninnies," and apparently as happy as they.

    The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West

  • Prior to becoming mayor, Johnson provoked his own share of racial controversy when he referred to children as "piccaninnies" and described the "watermelon smiles of black people".

    Media news, UK and world media comment and analysis |

  • Boris Johnson apologised for calling black people "piccaninnies" and referring to their

    Evening Standard - Home

  • Dons' diaries refer to the "woolly-haired undergraduate with a black wife and piccaninnies".

    Alexander Crummell, Cambridge's first black graduate

  • J.B. glowered like a spoilt child, for Kagi backed me up, and our discussion was pretty strained until he got his way on another ridiculous point - the establishment of a school in the hills for piccaninnies.


  • When she goes to the shops, she is followed by children, charming, wide-grinning piccaninnies.


  • This being in reference to Boris Johnson's Very Off Message plan VOM to Cameroonies? to let all illegal immigrants - watermelon smiles and piccaninnies or no - earn the right to join the nation officially.

    Iain Dale: Like A Dog Walking On Hind Legs, Admits Ignorance

  • The thought of Boris Johnson, the faux-bumbling Tory toff, who once famously referred to black children as piccaninnies in an article, becoming Mayor, fills me with dread.

    Racially profiled in the West End and other stories


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