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  • n. A polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of five fused benzene rings; an isomer of pentacene.

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  • n. A hydrocarbon (C�H�) extracted from the pitchy residue of coal tar and petroleum as a bluish fluorescent crystalline substance.

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  • n. A crystalline unsaturated polycyclic hydrocarbon, , with blue fluorescence, which is found in the pitch-like residues from the distillation of lignite-tar and petroleum. It is also made synthetically.


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  • Like the carbon-60 crystals, superconductivity in picene is believed to be related to p-electrons. all content

  • In particular, they don't know whether the potassium atoms lie within the picene planes or between the planes - although they believe the former to be more likely. all content

  • But according to Prassides, the superconductivity comes as a surprise because picene molecules arrange themselves in 2D planes much like graphite. all content

  • Now, Ryoji Mitsuhashi and colleagues at Okayama University in Japan have found that crystals made from the hydrocarbon picene and potassium atoms are superconductors at temperatures up to 18K. all content

  • The team begin with an ultrapure picene crystal that is then heated in the presence of potassium for several days. all content

  • Only one sample - containing 3.1 rubidium atoms per picene molecule - was superconducting with a Tc of about 7K. all content

  • The team studied crystals with a range of potassium concentrations from one potassium atom per picene molecule to 5.1 per molecule. all content

  • It turns out, however, that by pure coincidence, picene has two p-electron states with the same energy. all content

  • (PhysOrg. com) -- Scientists from Okayama University in Japan have discovered that the hydrocarbon picene can be made to superconduct when potassium atoms are interspersed with the picene crystals and the doped picene is cooled. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Professor Kubozono said picene is the first example of a hydrocarbon superconductor, although scientists have been able to create superconductors of the carbon compound fullerene (C60) doped with potassium. - latest science and technology news stories


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