from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as picket-line, 2.
  • n. The rope with which an animal is tethered to a picket-pin.


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  • Her arms and legs trembled so that she was afraid to touch the picket-rope, but her mind was as clear as the Winespring Water.

    The Eye of the World

  • Never taking her eyes off the horse, she sliced at the picket-rope, feeling in front of her blade to see how far she had cut.

    The Eye of the World

  • With hands as steady as if she were grinding herbs in her own house she slit the picket-rope as she had the others.

    The Eye of the World

  • At the next picket-rope, though, and the next, and the next, the horses remained asleep, even when she cut her thumb and bit off a yelp.

    The Eye of the World

  • Smith had said; but he talked to him reassuringly as the horse jumped to the end of his picket-rope and stood snorting and trembling in fright, and finally laid his hand upon his neck and back.


  • He went on with his work of throwing a hitch around Tubbs with his picket-rope.


  • She invariably led them off whenever she could escape her picket-rope.

    The Mountains

  • Horse did not see her till she was within twenty feet; then he gave a start that swung the tightened picket-rope up into the air, and snorted gently.

    Johnny Bear And Other Stories from Lives of the Hunted

  • He slapped the belly of his horse Tyee, who gambolled away to the limit of his picket-rope.

    The Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories

  • We blundered away through the rain and darkness, and after stumbling in a dozen holes, running into a fence, and getting tangled up in an abandoned picket-rope, at last came up to the house.

    The Voyage of the Rattletrap


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