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  • n. A unit of surface area equal to 10-12 barns


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pico- +‎ barn


  • ATLAS collaborator and Louisiana Tech Physics Professor H. Lee Sawyer says that the LH. will run at 7 TeV for one year or until a certain amount of data (called "an inverse picobarn," pb-1) is acquired, whichever comes first.


  • The typical cross sections of new, interesting processes in particle physics are much smaller, e.g. several picobarns: one picobarn is

    The Reference Frame

  • Say you measure top quark pair production at the Tevatron: you can quote a cross section of 6+-1 pb, and that is fine, but since your measurement in fact depends on the assumed value of the top quark mass Mt, when due to a linearly increasing signal acceptance with Mt your measurement decreases by a tenth of a picobarn every GeV above 175, to be precise you should write it as sigma (tt) = 6-0. 1 (Mt-175) / GeV +-1 pb.

    A Quantum Diaries Survivor


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