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  • n. Plural form of picobarn.


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  • Then they will run at 5 TeV per beam with the goal of collecting 200 inverse picobarns of luminosity.

    Chamonix Summary @ CERN

  • What we can reasonably expect is that if all goes well, we can accumulate something like 100 inverse picobarns of collisions by spring 2010, and perhaps 200 pb-1 by the end of the run in fall, 2010.

    LHC Restart

  • Hot off the press: Mark Williams, a DZERO member speaking at Moriond QCD 2009 - a yearly international conference in particle physics, where HEP experimentalists regularly present their hottest results - has shown today the preliminary results of their analysis of dimuon events, based on 900 inverse picobarns of proton-antiproton collision data.

    A Quantum Diaries Survivor

  • CDF does estimate that contribution, and it is quite large, of the order of tens of thousands of events in 743 inverse picobarns of data!

    A Quantum Diaries Survivor

  • The experimental determination on the cross section is shown by the two horizontal lines at 7.2 and 9.1 picobarns: they hit the functional form extracted at NNLO by the authors at specific mass values, which bracket the new running mass measurement: the result found is, which translates in a top pole mass of 168.2 +-3. 6 GeV.

    Scientific Blogging

  • Of course, the total integrated luminosity, 2,100 / pb (two thousand and one hundred inverse picobarns) must be used as the denominator, as Matt Strassler explains in detail, and my task will be to explain this simple fact so that even people like Tommaso Dorigo will understand.

    The Reference Frame

  • The typical cross sections of new, interesting processes in particle physics are much smaller, e.g. several picobarns: one picobarn is

    The Reference Frame

  • Tommaso decided that Matt Strassler's interpretation of the CDF estimate of the cross section for the ghost events - namely 75 pb (picobarns) on page 3 of

    The Reference Frame


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