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  • n. A wireless communication system covering a small area, such as a single office or railway station, often used to extend cellular network coverage to indoor areas where signals cannot easily penetrate.


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pico- +‎ cell


  • Airvana's Kim said that a femtocell can't be as perfect as a picocell, which is virtually indistinguishable from a macrocell, but that current femtocells are close enough to make no difference to most users.

    Ars Technica

  • This whole thing is a misunderstanding of the difference between a femtocell and a picocell.

    Slow Wired Broadband Could Choke LTE Femtocells

  • The femtocell is so called because it is smaller than the picocell (which denotes a trillionth), which is used to improve indoor coverage in a larger area like a shopping mall.

    House Calls

  • A picocell in turn is smaller than a macrocell, one of the large outdoor towers that form the backbone of mobile architecture.

    House Calls

  • Passengers would be able to use their own cell phones during flights, communicating through the onboard picocell.

    Mobile-Phone Ban May Be Near End

  • In the future, Carson believes people will be able to use their own phones during flights, using a technology called a picocell.

    Mobile-Phone Ban May Be Near End

  • RadiSys solutions are used in a wide variety of applications including 3G/4G/LTE wireless voice, data and video; Deep Packet Inspection (DPI); femtocell, picocell and macrocell base stations; conferencing and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE); and military command and control systems.

  • The new QorIQ Qonverge PSC9132 system-on-chip SoC for picocell and PSC9130/31 SoCs for femtocell base stations share a single, scalable architecture that simultaneously supports multiple air interfaces, providing operators and OEMs "future-proof", highly integrated heterogeneous solutions that help minimize power consumption, cost and design time.

  • Freescale's first available QorIQ Qonverge processors are the PSC9130/31 femtocell SoCs (for eight to 16 simultaneous users) and PSC9132 picocell/enterprise SoC devices (for up to 100 simultaneous users).

  • Infonetics Research recently reported that ip.access has the leading market share of femtocell units deployed and ABI Research ranks the company as the leading picocell supplier in the world.


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