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  • noun The unit of radioactivity equal to 10-12 curies: symbol pCi.


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  • A picocurie is a measure of radiation, and it takes one trillion picocuries to make a curie.

    American Chronicle

  • The DOE states the "maximum contaminant level developed by the Environmental Protection Agency for tritium in drinking water supplies is 20,000 pCi/L or 0.02 microcuries per liter (a picocurie is a millionth of a microcurie).

  • A picocurie has the same relationship to a curie that a penny has to $10 billion.

    Yellow Dirt

  • Many RadNet cities have detectable amounts, but mostly they are less than one picocurie per liter.

    The Goalkeeper

  • A picocurie is one-trillionth of a curie, a measurement of a radiological dose. -- Top News

  • The amount of iodine-131 in the Washington milk was 0.8 picocurie per liter, according to the agencies. -- Top News

  • That's 180 times higher than EPA's 3 picocurie per liter standard for radioactive iodine in drinking water.

    The Seattle Times

  • A picocurie is to a curie as a penny is to 10 BILLION DOLLARS, and a curie is not even a very large unit of measure.

    Atomic Insights Blog

  • But, remember the old adage: "One picocurie is too many, and a trillion aren´t enough."

    American Chronicle

  • Beginning with our New Hampshire kitchen, it seems we´re now just one picocurie short of a radioactive meltdown.

    American Chronicle


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