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  • n. A genus of Picidæ lacking the first toe, having but one behind and two in front, but in other respects agreeing with Picus proper; the three-toed woodpeckers.
  • n. In Blyth's system of classification (1849), a series of his Zygodactyli, consisting of the woodpeckers, honey-guides, barbets, and the toucans, touracous, and colies, the first three of these being grouped as Cuneirostres, the last three as Levirostres.

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  • n. a genus of Picidae


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  • A few alleged hornbill fossils have been reported from Eocene and Miocene Germany and France (Geiseloceros robustus, Cryptornis antiquus and Homalopus picoides) but Olson (1985) showed that none of them are really hornbills.

    Bucorvids: post-Cretaceous maniraptorans on the savannah


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