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  • n. Plural form of picornavirus.


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  • I took a bunch of these small picornaviruses, like the common cold, like polio and so on, and I just broke them down into small segments, and so took this first example, which is called Coxsackievirus, and just break it into small windows.

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  • Some mRNAs require additional factors to ensure correct expression at the ribosome: in picornaviruses (such as polio and hepatitis) the VPG protein binds the 5′ end (which is not capped) and directs the ribosome to the correct AUG start codon.

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  • Nuanualsuwan S, Cliver DO (2003) Capsid functions of inactivated human picornaviruses and feline calicivirus.

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  • Previous studies indicated that UV irradiation of the picornaviruses poliovirus and hepatitis A virus abolishes their binding to cell surface receptors

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  • Other methods that result in inactivation of picornaviruses and other nonenveloped viruses include sodium hypochlorite, formaldehyde, and proteinase K.

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  • "It is not at all like other known picornaviruses that we are familiar with, including poliovirus and rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold.

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