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  • n. Plural form of picosecond.


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  • The TIMER_WAIT column tells us that the event took 508312 "picoseconds".

    Planet MySQL

  • You want to see aggregates (sums or counts or minima or maxima) of, for example, the number of times that thread 1 has accessed file tablespace_1, or the number of "picoseconds" that have been spent on reads of tablespace_1 by all threads?

    Planet MySQL

  • Grace, after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, most famous for removing a moth from the Mark II computer, secondarily for handing out "picoseconds" and "nanoseconds," but most importantly for inventing the compiler

    Planet Ubuntu

  • "picoseconds" inside quote marks because I'm avoiding any pretense that measurement can be so precise, or even that there's always a relation to seconds on a real-world clock.

    Planet MySQL

  • But in recent weeks trading techies have started to talk about picoseconds —one trillionth of a second.

    Traders Slice the Second Even Thinner

  • Speaking at a London conference on Tuesday, Donal Byrne , chief executive of Corvil, a high-speed trading technology company, caused a ripple of audible incredulity throughout the room when he suggested that trading speeds could be reduced to picoseconds in the not too distant future.

    Traders Slice the Second Even Thinner

  • There are no technological limits preventing firms from trading in picoseconds but achieving this extraordinary speed is expensive, said Mr. Byrne.

    Traders Slice the Second Even Thinner

  • In my humble opinion, a fish has a far stronger claim to being “water-cooled”, given that the heat-retention capabilities of nanometer-scale molecular system are essentially nil I read once that the heat energy radiates away dissipates in picoseconds at that scale.

    The Panda's Thumb: Flagellum evolution Archives

  • But in 99, I had a friend, a theoretical physicist, tell me that pretty much everything had been done, and apart from a few arguments about the first picoseconds of existence, it was all in the bag.

    The End of Science Fiction (yet again)

  • Electrically exploded wires get to extreme temperatures in the last few picoseconds of their life.

    Hydrogen Gas Cannons Could Launch Payloads to Orbit (w/video) | Universe Today


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