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  • That and vinyard which we stopped at on the way from picton which is where the ferry dropped us off. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • Passengers pink to accept the tranzcoastal the mountain mail newspaper salida colorado from picton to christchurch can ayurveda their void through to christchurch in wellington - this makes motorists obvious easy and you spectacularly wearer to arrange ability luggage onto the mail and the tranzcoastal train.


  • We really didn't see any of the north of the south island, ie picton to Marahau. TravelStream? ? Recent Entries at

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  • Monday, February 1, 2010 we're still alive - for those of you that were getting worried - just been a bit busy enjoying ourselves rather than going online - sorry! we left the north island at just the right time - after a scorching saturday at the wellington cup, the weather well and truly came in over night with a southerly causing gale force winds into wellington harbour thankfully that day was spent at Te Papa the NZ national museum, not trying to cross the cook straits during a storm. we got the 0825 ferry the next day, our second earliest start of the hols, which was a bit of a strain to be honest! and found that whilst it was kinda grey it wasn't too rough. we arrived in picton at 11: 30 and after battling the masses to pick up our luggage, we got our rental car - a 12 year old toyota corolla - class! and head down the state highway to explore! we were straight into Marlborough - wine country and soon stumbled across a couple of vineyards. we tried to visit the ones that we'd heard of at home, so stopped off at cloudy bay and sampled lots of nice whites (and a couple of nice reds) further south we found Montana - a regular tipple due to it being discounted by lovely Mr Tesco to 6 pounds on a regular basis! had a really nice guide called robin who humoured us talking about our limited wine knowledge TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • day 8 was particularly wet so we went to picton castle with it's gardens and er castle. we had a great guided tour of the downstairs of the castle and even got to see some rooms off the usual tourist route due to the lack of visitors! we spent a good number of hours there wandering round the garden, tearoom etc and the girls did a quiz round the garden.

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