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  • adj. Without a picture.


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picture +‎ -less


  • My keeping-up-with-the-Joneses self immediately started worrying that my son was lagging behind a bit, but IIRC, I didn't really delve into pictureless books until around 2nd grade, I think.

    Cocoon from the Crazies

  • When I saw the other kids 'selections, a lot of them WERE these so-called pictureless "chapter books."

    Cocoon from the Crazies

  • Such is the case with their recent string of pictureless posts.

    Matthew Yglesias » Pretty Pictures

  • In fairness, need full pictureless than a minute ago via webEd Henry edhenrycnn

    Bob Woodward book buildup: The reactions begin

  • I don't hold with pictureless posts, but there it is.

    Getting Unstuck

  • But it doesn't feel right to have an altogether pictureless day, so here's a samurai, circa 1870 from here.

    The Missing Picture: The Warrior

  • Bottom middle you'll see some more Damask items, such as a pictureless frame I'm working on filling it and a damask pencil case, both from Target.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Try in vain to get a picture to post on blog; finally give up and post all haiku (pictureless) on ODB;

    Busy Day

  • Or maybe this is the executive summary version of the magazine, and they let their underlings read the full article in a black-and-white pictureless version of the magazine?

    “ABOVE IT ALL” » Sociological Images

  • But I'm a very visual girl, and I just couldn't bear the thought of having another pictureless post.

    The sweet temptations of Heidelberg


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