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  • adj. Small, inconsequential, or not worth spending time on.


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  • What is "piddly" to you is very, very meaningful to millions of Americans and tens of thousands of American soldiers.

    Hillary: Caucusing Isn't Easy ��� For Women

  • Many of the president's initiatives combine grand visions with proposed changes or appropriations that are best described by the technical social science terms "piddly" and

    Newsvine - Get Smarter Here

  • In any case, there's nothing "piddly" about this anymore.

    Reality TV Calendar Headlines

  • The curmudgeon felt their initial routine was too lackluster and "piddly" so he gives them a good ol 'kick in the butt, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Reality TV Calendar Headlines

  • Or, perhaps more pertinently to my job search, if I see a desktop support position that I think I would be good for, but in which the hiring manager has placed this kind of condition on the position, do you think there might be a way to send in an application and politely tell the guy that my "piddly" A+, Network+, Security+, and MCP are more than sufficient for desktop support and that it makes no sense to be looking for a CCNA?

    Robert X. Cringely's blog

  • I meant to write "piddly" not "piffly" but I think I'll keep it)

    forty two

  • The p2p thing is global, which is why the MAFIAA have to keep doing what amount to piddly little trials (and trust me, in the grand scheme of things, trying four guys is piddly).

    The Pirate Bay decision means … nothing

  • However, Bill, it turns out that all of them right-wingers "fully engaged" totally at the same time, is a piddly self-marginalized splinter group which Obama's example and the normal-folks Majority can safely ignore.

    Yes, it does (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • ROBOTS DEATH VALLEY! and the one thing you never, ever want your reader to be doing is being all distracted from your novel by piddly logistical details.

    Terminator Offers Some Lessons for the Salvation of Your Novel

  • If you want to keep it that way, let's not fuel Perry's piddly attempt to start a fire.

    Eric Sapp: Don't Take Perry's Faith Bait


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