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  • v. Present participle of pie.
  • n. An instance of throwing a pie at someone, most prominently a politician or other powerful or influential person as a means of protest.


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  • Burnett made "pieing" a verb, greeting each teammate to come through in New York's last at-bat -- the Yankees led the majors with 51 comeback victories and 15 walkoff wins -- with a whipped-cream pie in the face. - Sports News

  • PETA took a classic move straight from a slapstick comedy by "pieing" Minister Gail Shea of Canadian Fisheries and Oceans during her speech in Ontario.

    WBKO - HomePage - Headlines

  • Gutenberg; but his invention abolished at one stroke composition and distribution; introduced for the first time the line, instead of the letter, as the unit of composition; brought into the art the idea of automatically and instantly producing by a keyboard solid lines of composed and justified type, to be once used and then melted down; rendered it possible to secure for each issue new and sharp faces; abolished the usual investment for type; cheapened the cost of standing matter; removed all danger of "pieing," and at the same time reduced greatly the cost of composition.

    The Building of a Book A Series of Practical Articles Written by Experts in the Various Departments of Book Making and Distributing

  • Alice Cooper, he noted, had reacted to his own on stage pieing by gleefully rubbing the custard into his pores, and Iggy Pop would no doubt similarly thrive off the mayhem.

    Culture flash: custard pies

  • Enter Noël Godin, a Belgian who made a practice of pieing the rich and pompous.

    Wired Top Stories

  • He's probably pieing somewhere up there right now.

    CNN Transcript Oct 23, 2009

  • Example 2: I think that would be as legitimate as pieing any other rich, powerful CEO.

    Pie in the Face: Violence, Protest or Revenge?

  • And for one last thought on the public figures: I think all public figures have a degree of power via influence, but the ones with real power have that usually by choice (monarchies with king or queen having actual decision-making power would be the exception), but like I (and others) have said, I think pieing is (albeit minor) wrong and ineffective.

    Pie in the Face: Violence, Protest or Revenge?

  • Pieing just seems like a pointless waste of food at the least, and makes whoever doing the pieing look like a nut at the worst.

    Pie in the Face: Violence, Protest or Revenge?

  • However, pieing the King of Sweden is an act of High Treason and as such is a pretty heavy bust -- as four teenagers discovered when they creamed the regent.

    Boing Boing: December 2, 2001 - December 8, 2001 Archives


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