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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Electricity produced by pressure, as that of a sphere of quartz, which becomes electrified by pressure.


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  • In piezo-electricity the change consists in a diminution of the crystal's volume through pressure; in pyro-electricity, in an increase of the crystal volume by raising its temperature.

    Man or Matter

  • It is piezo-electricity -- "piezo" meaning twist, or pressure.

    A Quarter Century of Communications Development

  • Their experiments led the two young physicists to a great success: the discovery of the hitherto unknown phenomena of piezo-electricity, which consists of an electric polarization produced by the compression or the expansion of crystals in the direction of the axis of symmetry.

    Pierre Curie

  • During the course of their experiments on piezo-electricity the Curies were obliged to employ electrometric apparatus, and, not being able to use the quadrant electrometer known at that time, they developed a new form of that instrument, better adapted to their necessities.

    Pierre Curie

  • We are also investigating the effect of the identified atomic surface reconstruction on polarization and energy bands, which should impact piezo-electricity and electric conductivity. "

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News


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