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  • adv. on a railroad flatcar
  • adv. on the back or shoulder or astraddle on the hip


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  • Virginia, the one aged seven, and the other barely four, seemed made of some precious material; she carried them pig-a-back, and was greatly mortified when Madame Aubain forbade her to kiss them every other minute.

    A Simple Soul

  • Whether because Frodo was so worn by his long pains, wound of knife, and venomous sting, and sorrow, fear, and homeless wandering, or because some gift of final strength was given to him, Sam lifted Frodo with no more difficulty than if he were carrying a hobbit-child pig-a-back in some romp on the lawns or hayfields of the Shire.

    The Lord of the Rings

  • When they saw her coming they ran to meet her, and Curly carried her into the house "pig-a-back."

    Boy Blue and His Friends

  • They rode pig-a-back races and sang all the songs.

    Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis

  • I agreed with my mother that such an one, however to be revered, was no substitute for the flesh and blood father possessed by luckier folk -- the big, strong, masculine thing that would carry a fellow pig-a-back round the garden, or take a chap to sail in boats.

    Paul Kelver, a Novel

  • "Such a game as this I never learned in Amsterdam or New Amstel," thought Nanking, laughing good-naturedly; "I guess I will cut it short by riding one of their boys pig-a-back."

    Tales of the Chesapeake

  • He rode them pig-a-back on his broad shoulders; they liked to see him light his pipe and smoke without getting sick.

    Tales of the Chesapeake

  • "Hold on," he said; and the next minute the pretty bare arms were clinging tightly round his neck, the hands hidden in the man's grizzly tangled beard; and, pig-a-back fashion, he bore him on along the road.

    Quicksilver The Boy With No Skid To His Wheel

  • He uttered a faint "Ah!" and would have fallen but for the boy's ready arm; and the next minute he was being borne up the steps, pig-a-back after all, though he had scouted the offer before.

    The Black Tor A Tale of the Reign of James the First

  • As he spoke the sailor had got the boy up on his shoulders, pig-a-back fashion, and began to tramp steadily along the road, not feeling the light weight, and talking pleasantly to the little fellow all the while, till, in his surprise, he uttered the last words in a low tone, and followed them up by exclaiming:

    The Powder Monkey


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