from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An Australian name for any dog used in hunting pigs.


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  • By myself I could improve a thousandfold upon the performance of that pig-dog, "she spat twice on the ground," who betrayed us all.


  • You have correctly inferred from my mocking of the Smoke Photo Triumphalism at Malkin and LGF that I favor glorious Hezbollah over the Zionist pig-dog entity!

    Is That Legal?: The Photoshop That Kept Us From Winning The Vietnam War.

  • That gives them the benefit of 'gentleman of his generation' instead of "arrogant sexist pig-dog."

    ON behalf of those of us who aren't this woman...

  • He grabbed the little pig-dog, gave her belly a good hard squeeze and stuff came out the back end.

    Squeezing One Out

  • Actually, the best one is the British adult versionwarning: is pig-dog to load and has a tendency to crash my computer.

    Harry Potter coverup « raincoaster

  • I can't afford a private tutor, and the three native speakers I live with a. don't have a lot of time to re-educate a capitalist pig-dog and b. aren't language teachers.

    Better Dead Than Red

  • Ampersand: Radical Note: I myself can identify with the feelings of misogyny on the Left and will definitely be picking up this book. alicublog: Also, ISG is son of a pig-dog!


  • My new threat these days is "Can you come over here please, so I can rip out a few of your ribs and lung-fuck you through the gaping hole in your chest, you sniveling sonofawhore pig-dog?"

    kinaesthesia Diary Entry

  • "It is not thy pig-dog of a husband I wish to kill!" he said, after one hour had gone by in inarticulate murmurings.

    The Price of Things

  • Then he called her "pig-dog," in his native tongue, turned aside, and pursued his way.

    Happy Pollyooly The Rich Little Poor Girl


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