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  • In a pig headed, obstinate, or perverse manner.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. in a stubborn unregenerate manner


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  • What market-oriented people do claim is that Europe has pig-headedly regulated its labor markets into shockingly high unemployment, and its economy into low growth.

    How Europe Goes Wrong, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • But hey, I've seen a few positive reviews from people whose opinion is generally sound, which makes me happy to admit I could be completely wrong (and pig-headedly unjust to boot) here.

    Star Dreck

  • 'For the first time the lyrics are actually an integral part of the music rather then being tacked on'That record was Andorra, Caribou's beautiful tribute to British pastoral psychedelia, which deservedly scooped the Polaris Prize Canada's equivalent to the Mercury in 2008, although Dan never intended to repeat the trick, "pig-headedly" choosing to do something very different with the follow-up, Swim.

    Caribou's Dan Snaith finds the formula for success with Swim

  • He was wrong but he pig-headedly refused to do anything about it with the arrogance his is famed for until his back-benchers threatened to bring down the entire budget the next year.

    Fisking Mike Ion on LabourList regarding voting against Labour

  • Or is it because you are an incompetent frumpish hysterical female, wholly out of her depth, who instead of acting in a civilised manner as one would expect from someone in your position, instead gives lectures which are downright rude, pig-headedly arrogant and most unladylike?

    OpEdNews - Diary: Pravda Hammers Condoleeza Rice

  • And President Bush pushes pig-headedly forward -- not looking at options, not changing a losing strategy and instead, by creating the deadlines for the constitution and its ratification, further alienating those who are causing harm to our troops.

    Dal LaMagna: Lose the Losing Strategy; Become Successful

  • And if it doesn't, you don't subvert your agenda by pig-headedly charging ahead on an impeachment where there is no support in Congress for anything but failure.

    It's the People of Washington v. Pelosi et al

  • Again, this is nice to see: instead of pig-headedly fighting, on and on, keeping the bad blood alive, a concession is made with dignity and acceptance.

    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  • I'll give him credit, he stood before the press and took it like a man, even injecting some rueful humor into a situation that has to be humiliating and galling for someone so arrogant and pig-headedly stubborn about listining to anyone but himself and a coterie of of power-hungry arch-conservative bigots.

    Oh, Happy, Happy Day!

  • You know, if Sony pig-headedly pursues this, a case like this could be historic and set legal precedent establishing the status of blogs as journalism with full free speech protections vs. just being personal homepages of file-sharing kiddies.

    Sony TV: Bigger Losers Than Ken Jennings - Anil Dash


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